Pre-School Creative Movement

This class is specially structured for the younger performer. With the help of bright bubbly music, the younger students can explore movement and experience the freedom and magic of dance. Along with our Saturday morning class, we are now running a new Tuesday morning class.

Classical Ballet (Cecchetti Method)

Our school offers all levels of classical ballet. We are committed to giving our students a good sound classical technique. We encourage the training of classical ballet as it gives all our performers the very best basis for all dance styles. We choose to teach the Cecchetti method of classical ballet. Cecchetti is taught worldwide and all levels are examined by a professional ballet examiner annually.

Extension Program

Our school is very excited to offer our students the opportunity to take part in an Extension Program that Georgia has designed to especially address the technical needs of our students.

Musical Theatre, Song & Dance

These classes are perfect for the performer in you. They are designed to teach the students the correct use of voice in both singing and acting and uses the freedom of dance to create and recreate musical magic!

Jazz & Tap

The latest trends are taught at our studio because the teachers have actually been performing in professional productions. The youthful energy and enthusiasm that is generated on our jazz nights is absolutely electric. We have many classes for all standards and ages.


Learn how to cartwheel, walkover, elbow stand, aerial and more safely with our acrobatics class. This class focuses on developing upper body strength so that all tricks can be executed safely. 

Boys Only (DMC)

Our Dynamic Movement Class is just that. A class for the boys to relax and really go for it. The class is perfect for the male dancer who just wants to have a go.